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Twin Mom Rant

Anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty laid back and positive but today we are taking a break from the regular scheduled program to just vent.

Yesterday we were at the local playground and this situation happened to me twice. Inevitably whenever I am out with the twins and people deduce that they are indeed twins they then try to figure out which twin is the _____ one.  Is she the active one? No, they are both active. Is that one the handful? OMG these girls are both a handful. It seems so strange that people try to pigeon hole the girls into a certain personality. On any given day they each can go from playful, to shy to moody. They both do this. I have learned that they have different likes. For example one likes to sing and read books, while the other likes to dance and clean. (Yes really, clean) Wouldn’t life be simple if each child had a cemented personality and I could just parent based on that. Instead I have to parent every day based on the mood my child is in. Same as the mom of a singleton.

Thanks for letting me vent. Back to our usual world of rainbows and butterflies.




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