You know you’re a twin mom when…..

The baby girls dressed alike.

Saw this on my Twin Mom group. You know you’re a twin mom when:

You get excited when you see a buy one get one free sale.
It drives you crazy when you’re singleton mom friends complain about being tired or how hard it is with one baby.
You can’t leave your house without being stopped by random strangers.
You avoid going certain places because your double stroller won’t fit.
You reheat the same cup of coffee 17 times before you finally finish it.
You’ve mastered the skill of carrying two babies at the same time.

While you’re out you realize one child has 2 left shoes on and the other has on 2 right.

You have no time to go to the gym but after months of carrying your twins around your biceps look better than ever.
You can simultaneously feed a baby, bounce the other, talk on the phone and respond to emails.

People feel the need to ask questions such as “do twins run in your family”? Or “are they natural”?
When you see people struggling with one baby you think to yourself “I can do that with my eyes closed.”
You’re constantly calling one by the others name and vise versa.
To be somewhere on time you need to start getting ready 3 hours before.
You start wondering what all the mothers with single babies do in their extra spare time.
You can no longer make it past 9 pm. In fact, the thought of it scares you.
You have an infinite amount of patience and energy and an incredible sense of humor.

You go to an appointment alone and have no problem waiting in the waiting room…forever!
You haven’t been alone in your house since the day you came home from the hospital.



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