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Twin names are twice as hard!

Oh yay! The 2011 Security list of popular baby names is out. I have a thing for names. I think they mean a lot. I admit that I get a little picture in my head of people when I hear their names. So you can image when it came to naming my three children, it was a very … Continue reading

Bleach Bath to Treat Eczema

Okay, so I acknowledge that this seems a little crazy. I was at a birthday party this weekend and as the moms made small talk, the oh-so-pleasant topic of skin conditions came up. Let me tell you, my daughter’s chronic eczema was one of the tamer skin conditions discussed. I’ll spare you the details. My little … Continue reading

Multiple Mommy Rule #1 – Take on only what you know you can handle.

Here is the first in my series of rules for the mom with multiples. I am by no means an expert but I think it may help others to share what works for me. These rules are nothing revolutionary, again just what seems to work well for me. A big rule for me is to … Continue reading

This Month’s Birchbox

Did I mention that I am a beauty product junkie? I don’t necessarily use them but I buy them with all good intentions. Then about three times a year, I go through my bathroom cabinet and throw out all this stuff I never used all while beating myself up for spending so much money on … Continue reading

Why I dress my fraternal twins alike.

I get this question a lot. And honestly, I hear a little bit of judgement in the question. Feels as if there is the assumption that I am a little bit of a Stepford wife. Here’s why it makes my life so much easier. Much less effort in getting them dressed Unless you’ve been in … Continue reading

This is me!

Twenty fingers, Twenty toes
Plenty of work, heaven knows!
Four little arms to hold tight.
Four little cheeks to kiss at night.
(plus my sweet little boy of course)

Picture Fab