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Why I dress my fraternal twins alike.

I get this question a lot. And honestly, I hear a little bit of judgement in the question. Feels as if there is the assumption that I am a little bit of a Stepford wife. Here’s why it makes my life so much easier.

Much less effort in getting them dressed

Unless you’ve been in my shoes. Please don’t judge. It takes me forever to get everyone ready. The thought of having to come up with two outfits plus all the associated accessories is just daunting. One clean and cute outfit is all I have the energy for each day.

It cuts down on the fighting

Heaven forbid one twin likes what the other is wearing better. I’ve tried the individual thing and my girls are not up for it. I’ve had to endure a complete melt down because one had a princess shirt and the other had a flower shirt. I do not need that kind of drama at my local Publix.

Sometimes it is cost efficient

Stores often have a buy one, get one half off sales on kids clothing. That really helps me to save. So heck yes, we will be wearing matching outfits if mommy can save.

The baby girls dressed alike.

Hope that clears it up and explains a little of the method to what looks like madness.



3 thoughts on “Why I dress my fraternal twins alike.

  1. Plus they just look too cute wearing the same! 🙂 Adorable girls!

    Posted by smilesandhappiness | May 12, 2012, 3:29 pm


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