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Bleach Bath to Treat Eczema

Okay, so I acknowledge that this seems a little crazy. I was at a birthday party this weekend and as the moms made small talk, the oh-so-pleasant topic of skin conditions came up. Let me tell you, my daughter’s chronic eczema was one of the tamer skin conditions discussed. I’ll spare you the details.

My little one has been suffering from this condition for the last 18 months. She’s only two so eczema has been an issue for easily half of her life. I’ve been to the pediatrician who deemed it not severe enough for steroids or a prescription. I have been resigned to using a detergent with no harsh chemicals, a bath soap that is free of perfumes and dyes and a mild lotion. Still the condition persisted. It breaks my heart to see her scratching and to hear her say her skin was itchy.

But at this party, a nurse advised me to try a bleach bath. She acknowledged that she had initially felt some hesitation about this method. Would it hurt their eyes? Would it bleach clothes? But she had tried it and within a week, it had made her child’s skin condition better.

The process is simple, add a half cup of bleach in a FULL tub of water. Apparently the diluted bleach is just enough to kill the bacterial infection that often accompanies eczema. It does dry out the skin so continue to use lotions (I like pure vaseline). Of course, this treatment should not be used on skin that is cracked or open.

I thought this solution was at least worth a try. So far it has worked really well for us. Talk to your doctor to see if it is right for you.



3 thoughts on “Bleach Bath to Treat Eczema

  1. A good friend has had terrible eczema his whole life, but then discovered Manuka honey. He says it’s the best thing he’s ever used. He mixes it with his normal eczema cream (to reduce the stickiness). The honey is from New Zealand and has an active antimicrobial agent in it (confirmed by academic research).

    Posted by cryscryss | June 4, 2012, 4:44 pm
    • Where can you buy it?

      Posted by twinfabulous | June 5, 2012, 10:25 am
      • I live in the uk and I can buy it in health food stores and in some grocery stores. I’ve just googled ‘USA suppliers manuka honey’ and it’s definitely supplied there. You may have to buy it over the Internet. It costs £12-ish for 340g in the uk. Honey ark sells it for $20 for 500g, so it’s definitely cheaper to buy it in the USA.

        Posted by cryscryss | June 6, 2012, 3:46 am

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