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Twin names are twice as hard!

Oh yay! The 2011 Security list of popular baby names is out. I have a thing for names. I think they mean a lot. I admit that I get a little picture in my head of people when I hear their names. So you can image when it came to naming my three children, it was a very difficult decision. And I am not alone. According to Parents magazine, 45% of parents say they find it difficult to name their children. Image that agony involved with naming twins.

There are so many factors to consider. Not only did the names have to sound good with our last name, the names also needed to sound good together. I knew this much from all the naming books I purchased and borrowed, matchy-matchy twin names were out. So no Cara and Sara for us. Some Moms didn’t get the memo, Mia and Mya actually made the list. Confusion Central.

But there was another layer of complexity for me. As a black woman I was acutely aware of all the research that states that if a name is “too black” you run the risk of not being called for interviews. That’s a huge responsibility. I am not particularly fond of making up new names just cause anyway but I didn’t want my indulgence or naming power trip to adversely affect my children.

My philosophy has always been that a traditional last name allows a little more leeway in the first name department. You can’t get more traditional than Livingston. But in the end I didn’t go too crazy with the first names. I went with Maya because I have always loved the poet Maya Angelou ever since I read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in junior high school. I’ll admit my daughter Morgan’s name came from a popular television show. Nothing deep there. But each has a grandmother’s name as a middle name. I am pleased with my choices. What are your thoughts on baby names?

Curious on the top girl/girl, boy/boy and girl/boy twin names in 2011? Hint…your little ones will be having playdates with loads of Navaeh/Heavens and Jaylen/Jayden twins.



One thought on “Twin names are twice as hard!

  1. I say at the end, leave the final naming to mommy and support her choices if its a girl and I took the responsibilty of determing a name for our son and sharing the ideas with my wife. Again, the decision was mutually agreed upon at the end. In addition, we considered the impact our childrens’ names would have on their future.

    Posted by Shawn | June 3, 2012, 10:35 am

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