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Yes, I Love My Non Twin Child!

Mommy-Chrissy Day.

I promise you, I really do love my non-twin child. Recently a friend questioned my love for my son given my Twin Fabulous blog and activities. At first I was a little offended but realized it was a legitimate concern. Have the twins taken over life as we know it?  In the beginning that was definitely true. Between the doctor appointments, the breastfeeding drama and the lack of sleep, I am sad to say my then 3-yr old did not get his fair share of attention. Now that I have gone through the fire, (you Twin Moms know of what I speak) I am much better at carving out Mommy-Chrissy time.

Some things that seem to work for me:

1. Non Twin Parties – I try to leave the twins at home for any birthday parties my son is invited to. The twins are the center of attention when we go out, especially when I dress them alike. (twin questions galore) Plus the twins demand a lot of attention. That situation is not conducive to my son enjoying any party.

2. Later Bedtime – My son gets to enjoy 30 minutes of mommy/daddy alone time every night. We put the girls down at 8pm and let him stay up with us to enjoy time with us by himself. We do story time and then chat about his day. It is amazing how much we can recap when the little babies aren’t interrupting.

3. Non Twin Field Trips – I just started this and so far it is working out really well. I have had to take time away from work for this but it is well worth it. My son and I take a day away from everyone to spend time together. So far we have done a day at Legoland and a day at Disney. I hate rides but since I was the only parent around I had to get on a few. He has actually taught me how not to be a scaredy cat.

Mommy-Chrissy Day.


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