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My July Birchbox

A little late I know. But in my defense, my birchbox didn’t arrive until mid-month. Enough of the excuses, here’s what I got. Ada Cosmetics – Never heard of them. It’s a shimmer to help you get a tan. Um…not really something I think I need. LOL Gloss Moderne – Interesting. A conditioning hair treatment. … Continue reading

The 5pm Walk of Shame

No judgment but some of us may have had some questionable dates in our 20’s that caused us to do the dreaded walk of shame. But now as a mother, this walk of shame is so much worse. I am talking about the yucky feeling that comes around 4:45 when you know you’ve promised to … Continue reading

5 Quick Tips for a Better You

It seems like all the information out there about heath and wellness gets to be very overwhelming sometimes. At a recent breakfast sponsored by McDonalds and the @CFL Latina Bloggers, a nutritionist was on hand to explain in simple terms the 5 things we need to focus on to stay happy and healthy.  You’re probably just … Continue reading

Mommies, please teach you Black babies to swim.

Today my twins start their swim lessons, just like their brother did when he was two. Two years old may seem a bit young but I want to make sure that the kids are comfortable with the water from an early age. As a Black parent this is very important to me. Besides the obvious … Continue reading

My quest for the perfect breakfast is over.

For me finding something that met all my criteria for a great breakfast (filling, convenient, tasty) was always a struggle.  I have the 3 kids plus I work so I don’t really have time to play around with a big fancy breakfast. Bars and frozen items work but they always left me feeling hungry and … Continue reading

This is me!

Twenty fingers, Twenty toes
Plenty of work, heaven knows!
Four little arms to hold tight.
Four little cheeks to kiss at night.
(plus my sweet little boy of course)

Picture Fab