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My quest for the perfect breakfast is over.

For me finding something that met all my criteria for a great breakfast (filling, convenient, tasty) was always a struggle.  I have the 3 kids plus I work so I don’t really have time to play around with a big fancy breakfast. Bars and frozen items work but they always left me feeling hungry and just a little bit guilty.  Insert the new blueberry banana nut oatmeal from McDonald’s. Right off the bat, we know that because you can find a McDonald’s everywhere that it is super convenient to try this new oatmeal.  On the way to work, on the way to daycare….you get the point. But here are the more important questions. Does it taste good? And if it does taste good what’s the catch? How many calories are we talking?

I am thrilled to announce that this unbelievably yummy oatmeal is only 290 calories. 290 calories for a rich banana nut oatmeal breakfast with real blueberries. Yes real blueberries and 2 full servings of whole grain.  Jackpot!!

The  Central Florida Latinas @CFLLatinas: @JoscelynRC, @Couponmamacita, @Mymamihood, @ConsaboraKafe, @ClubdeDiosas hosted a wonderful breakfast at the 2-story mega McDonalds in Orlando. The event was all class.  From the fresh cut flowers, to the warm helpings of the new blueberry banana nut oatmeal to the nutritionist ready to answer questions. I learned some quick tips from the nutritionist that go beyond starting the day with a healthy breakfast. (I’ll share those in full next week). It was a family friendly event so my son was able to eat breakfast then play. He had a blast rocking the old school sweatband.  We were all so surprised to learn that 40% of families do not have breakfast. As the nutritionist pointed out just like a car needs gas, we need to fuel our body with a nutritious breakfast.



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