Fighting Twins

The individual personalities are starting to gel. Heaven help me. One is proving to be much more headstrong than the other. She wants it her way all the time. The concept of sharing and taking turns is foreign to her. I always pictured my twins as loving sisters but it is so not working out that way. I bet the word “SHARE!” has never been used so forcefully.  I hear ”my turn” and “me” 15,000 times a day. The latest thing is each claiming that I am their mommy. I hope this is a short phase because this fighting has got to stop. My first child was a boy and he seemed much more low key at this age.  I don’t remember the pouting and the boldface Imagedefiance I am seeing here. On the bright side, these little girls will definitely be assertive and be able to fend for themselves.



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Four little arms to hold tight.
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