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My twins love to party

The family and I attended a fun party this weekend. And the kids, especially the girls, had a ball. It has been a couple of months since they attended a party as I tend to take my son alone without them. It just works out better. He has a better time and I am not … Continue reading

14 Brilliant Tumblrs for Original Art and Illustration

Originally posted on SocialNotz:
1. Urban Myth Portuguese graphic designer Luís Alves creates beautiful composite images of iconic musicians. Look closely for intricate details — a young Michael Jackson rises from the Apollo Theater, where he won the Amateur Night talent show in 1967. Click here to view this gallery. Let’s face it. Tumblr isn’t…

How do you navigate public restrooms with kids?

When you have kids, your worry gene goes into overdrive. No duh right? Here is my latest worry. My son is 5 years old and I just don’t feel comfortable letting him use the men’s room by himself. Even though I would obviously wait outside for him, I don’t like the loss of control by … Continue reading

NEUTROGENA® Rapid Tone Repair Giveaway

Admit it ladies. We are all approaching that certain age where we need to be hyper vigilant about our skin. Our skin not so subtlety reveals our age through those little tell-tale signs. What’s a girl to do? Lie down and take it or fight back? I opt to fight back. Lucky for us there … Continue reading

Central Florida Blog Con – The kick in the butt I needed!

I attended my very first blogging conference, #CFLBLOGCON12, this weekend. I have been blogging for over a year but have never been able to make it to a conference. In my opinion, I have been doing a lot of things right but coming out #CFLBLOGCON12, I now realize there is so much more that I … Continue reading

This is me!

Twenty fingers, Twenty toes
Plenty of work, heaven knows!
Four little arms to hold tight.
Four little cheeks to kiss at night.
(plus my sweet little boy of course)

Picture Fab