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My son makes me brave!

I am a bit of a fraidy cat. I don’t like horror movies, heights, or strangers. I was raised in NYC so I tend to see trouble a mile away. Still trips me out at how friendly Floridians are. I tend to play it safe with a lot of things. Being a mom has thrown a lot of that out of the window. I know that my tendency to be afraid of my own shadow, is not always a good trait and something I don’t want to pass on to my kids.

This weekend my son and I were enjoying a mommy-son day (sans twins) at a local theme park. We met two of my friends and their sons for a fun-filled day of rides and shows. Pretty early on into the play-date, the subject of roller coasters came up. Both of the boys, a 4-year old and 5-year old, had already ridden a roller coaster but my son had not.  Lately my 5-year old had been vocalizing that he was not a fan of roller coasters, they were scary and he would not ride them.  And I completely agree with him.  I find them to be useless and I just don’t get the attraction. Why would anyone want to be out of control and scared for 90 seconds?  Makes no sense to me at all. But I couldn’t tell him that I agreed with him. I already felt guilty that perhaps I had been dropping some subliminal hints about the danger of roller coasters. Yikes. This is not what I wanted to happen. I certainly don’t want to raise a fraidy cat. I want my son and daughters to want to try new things and judge for themselves whether or not they like them.  I don’t want them to sit on the sidelines of life. I want them to be brave. {#nowplaying Leann Womack …I hope you dance.}

Then it dawned on me. To make him brave, I had to be brave. I had to model the behavior I wanted him to exhibit. Damn! Damn! Damn! As we stood on the line with our friends, I acknowledged his fear and promised to be with him and hold his hand the entire time. Meanwhile I was freaking out. Who was going to hold my hand?   I had never ever been on a roller coaster and never had any desire to try one. But for my baby, I had to suck it up and ride.

My son loved it. Before the ride ended he declared it the most awesome thing EVER! He threw his 5-year old arms in the air and screamed with delight. For me? Not so much. I was terrified. I hated every single moment of it and I hope that I NEVER, EVER, EVER have to do this again. But I felt braver than I had ever felt in my life. Hopefully my son doesn’t take an interest in skydiving, beekeeping, tight-rope walking or flame-throwing cause mama will have to be right there with him. YIKES!



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