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Cypher Kids

Dino eating from a tree. How cool!

My 5-year old son loves to learn. Thank Goodness. He just started kindergarten and comes home daily with some new nugget of information that just fascinates him. He also loves my tablet and smart phone. It’s crazy how much time he would spend with them if I let him. I try to download games that are educational but he gets bored with them very easily. When I had the chance to try Cypher Kids Augmented Reality cards by Cypher Entertainment, I was super excited. I just knew my son would absolutely love these. He loves flash cards and these are learning cards with fun built right in. And because the cards are educational, I didn’t feel one bit guilty about allowing him to play with them.

Cypher Kids 3D game on shelf at Target. My son picks out his favorite.

Cypher Kids allows kids to learn and play all in 3D. Pretty cool. What’s better than bringing letters, numbers and even animals to life? Their Cypher Kids Facebook page has cool 3-D photos and other fun ideas for kids. You can also find them on twitter.

Nice dispaly of accesories for Cypher Kids Games

We played with the letters version of the game which comes with 26 flashcards, one for each letter and instructions. Using the app downloaded for free, you basically are able to bring each of the letters to life in a fun and engaging way. My son was so excited to use try this out that he started opening the package as soon as we left Target. The games are available in the tablet accessories section of Target. Check out all the fun we had shopping here.

Ripping into the game even before we got home.

We downloaded the app to both our tablet and smartphone. My son plays with whatever is available. The game is pretty intuitive. The trick is really all about the angling of the flashcard to see the letters come to life. I had to help my son with the this the first couple of times cause it is a bit tricky. We ended up using the cards only on the smartphone because it was easiest to navigate. The ipad was a bit too bulky for him to use.

Free download of the Cypher Kids app from the app store.

Each letter comes to life and has a story with characters, a little rhyme and music to really draw the kids in. I personally really liked that my son was learning all about letters in a fun way. My son was just having fun and he loved it. Digi and Beebot are the dynamic duo that helps kids learn while having fun. Check out #Cypherkidsclub to continue learning more.

E is for elephant. Elephants come to life.

E is for elephant. Elephants come to life.

““I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and  Cypher Kids Club #CBias #SocialFabric”.  All opinions expressed are my own..



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