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Why being a twin is cool!

TwinfabulousHonestly it is pretty cool being a twin. Growing up my closest cousins were twins and I was an only child. I always suffered from twin envy. No matter how close we all were, there was always a certain bond that no one else could ever have but the twins. I’ve started to see that with my two-year old twin daughters. I love to hear them over the intercom in the early morning or at nights before they fall asleep. The giggles and baby talk is just priceless. What’s better than having someone to go through this life with? We all long to find that one person who understands you and accepts you just the way you are…how cool is it to be born with that best friend.

I am sure there will be ups and downs with their twin friendship. There may be fights about toys, clothes and even boys (gasp!). Those will hopefully be temporary and the bond that began when they shared 9 months in my tummy will always be.



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