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Mommies, please teach you Black babies to swim.

Today my twins start their swim lessons, just like their brother did when he was two. Two years old may seem a bit young but I want to make sure that the kids are comfortable with the water from an early age. As a Black parent this is very important to me. Besides the obvious … Continue reading

My quest for the perfect breakfast is over.

For me finding something that met all my criteria for a great breakfast (filling, convenient, tasty) was always a struggle.  I have the 3 kids plus I work so I don’t really have time to play around with a big fancy breakfast. Bars and frozen items work but they always left me feeling hungry and … Continue reading

Brown Babies Need Sunscreen Too. #bananaboat

I had the pleasure of being invited to Banana Boat’s 101 Days of Summer Event in Orlando this weekend. Turns out it was a great day to be outdoors because Tropical Storm Debbie hit us the very next day. We had a great day on Saturday enjoying various activities in the park. This served as … Continue reading

Yes, I Love My Non Twin Child!

I promise you, I really do love my non-twin child. Recently a friend questioned my love for my son given my Twin Fabulous blog and activities. At first I was a little offended but realized it was a legitimate concern. Have the twins taken over life as we know it?  In the beginning that was definitely … Continue reading

Multiple Mommy Rule #1 – Take on only what you know you can handle.

Here is the first in my series of rules for the mom with multiples. I am by no means an expert but I think it may help others to share what works for me. These rules are nothing revolutionary, again just what seems to work well for me. A big rule for me is to … Continue reading

Family Fun

I love it when we can get out as a family. Here are some of my favorite shots from a family day out.

Hello world!

Hello world. Allow me to introduce myself. I am full-time working mom with 3 lovely kids and an adorable husband.  Full disclosure…I am tired. Always extremely tired. After taking care of everyone else, I often struggle to find the time for the things I really love to do or would love to try. This is … Continue reading

Twin Mom Rant

Anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty laid back and positive but today we are taking a break from the regular scheduled program to just vent. Yesterday we were at the local playground and this situation happened to me twice. Inevitably whenever I am out with the twins and people deduce that they are … Continue reading

This is me!

Twenty fingers, Twenty toes
Plenty of work, heaven knows!
Four little arms to hold tight.
Four little cheeks to kiss at night.
(plus my sweet little boy of course)

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