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December is for making memories!

I just love December. I love all the holiday-themed fun things we get to do as a family. We’ve been very on the weekends as a matter of fact so busy that I have not purchased one gift yet. But what’s better lots of pretty gifts or lots of pretty memories. Here are some of the … Continue reading

Why being a twin is cool!

Honestly it is pretty cool being a twin. Growing up my closest cousins were twins and I was an only child. I always suffered from twin envy. No matter how close we all were, there was always a certain bond that no one else could ever have but the twins. I’ve started to see that … Continue reading

How to save a life!

Admit it. Your mind went straight to the song by The Fray. And then your mind went to Grey’s Anatomy. I digress. On to the business at hand. I spent 4 hours last week learning adult and child CPR. I have to say it was the best 4 hours I have spent in a very … Continue reading

My twins love to party

The family and I attended a fun party this weekend. And the kids, especially the girls, had a ball. It has been a couple of months since they attended a party as I tend to take my son alone without them. It just works out better. He has a better time and I am not … Continue reading

Mommies, please teach you Black babies to swim.

Today my twins start their swim lessons, just like their brother did when he was two. Two years old may seem a bit young but I want to make sure that the kids are comfortable with the water from an early age. As a Black parent this is very important to me. Besides the obvious … Continue reading

Brown Babies Need Sunscreen Too. #bananaboat

I had the pleasure of being invited to Banana Boat’s 101 Days of Summer Event in Orlando this weekend. Turns out it was a great day to be outdoors because Tropical Storm Debbie hit us the very next day. We had a great day on Saturday enjoying various activities in the park. This served as … Continue reading

Yes, I Love My Non Twin Child!

I promise you, I really do love my non-twin child. Recently a friend questioned my love for my son given my Twin Fabulous blog and activities. At first I was a little offended but realized it was a legitimate concern. Have the twins taken over life as we know it?  In the beginning that was definitely … Continue reading

Twin names are twice as hard!

Oh yay! The 2011 Security list of popular baby names is out. I have a thing for names. I think they mean a lot. I admit that I get a little picture in my head of people when I hear their names. So you can image when it came to naming my three children, it was a very … Continue reading

Bleach Bath to Treat Eczema

Okay, so I acknowledge that this seems a little crazy. I was at a birthday party this weekend and as the moms made small talk, the oh-so-pleasant topic of skin conditions came up. Let me tell you, my daughter’s chronic eczema was one of the tamer skin conditions discussed. I’ll spare you the details. My little … Continue reading

Multiple Mommy Rule #1 – Take on only what you know you can handle.

Here is the first in my series of rules for the mom with multiples. I am by no means an expert but I think it may help others to share what works for me. These rules are nothing revolutionary, again just what seems to work well for me. A big rule for me is to … Continue reading

This is me!

Twenty fingers, Twenty toes
Plenty of work, heaven knows!
Four little arms to hold tight.
Four little cheeks to kiss at night.
(plus my sweet little boy of course)

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